“Bomen twitteren voor het klimaat” lecture by Kathy Steppe

Bomen twitteren voor het klimaat” or “Trees twittering for the climate” is a lecture Kathy Steppe gave on 7 June 2017 at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering in the context of a new series of lectures from the VBIG (Verbond Bio-ingenieurswetenschappen) called ‘what’s new @ coupure’ for Alumni of our faculty.

The core business of our laboratory was explained avidly by Kathy with a focus on plant sensors. The importance of trees, which interconnect soil and atmosphere as well as the role of our lab in this crucial research, was stressed and demonstrated by a visit to our Twittering Tree in the courtyard of the faculty.

More information and Kathy’s presentation can be found on the website of the VBIG.