Flanders Annual Meeting of Ecology (FAME) 2016

On the 19th of December the first “Flanders Annual Meeting of Ecology” or FAME was held at the University of Ghent (campus Ledeganck) back-to-back with the ninth FWO research network “An eco-evolutionary network of biotic interactions (EVENET)” meeting on “Eco-evolutionary Dynamics”. FAME is parallel to the NAEM (Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting) and organized by a group of academic ecologists and NECOV (Dutch – Flemish Ecological Society). The aim is to bring together researchers around crucial topics and topical networks with respect to ecology.

Jonas vdC presented a poster outlining his ongoing and future research regarding the development of “Long-term forest vitality assessment via real-time growth and sap flow measurements”. This was done during the LTER (The Long Term Ecological Research Network) symposium which was one of the six parallel symposia.