WURtalk – Twittering Trees to understand climate change

Extreme events associated with climate change are affecting European trees and forests. What is the mechanism behind it? How do trees perceive, react and adapt to climate change? Kathy Steppe, Ute Sass-Klaassen and others present their findings in an interactive WURtalk at Wageningen University & Research.

Twittering tree network

Investigating short- and long-term growth responses of trees to climate-change induced stress is crucial to determine forest resilience. The power of this concept is illustrated by interconnecting twittering trees across Europe. Such a network can serve to detect early-warning signals in tree reactions. From now onwards a tree in Wageningen is part of this network! Kathy Steppe and Jonas von der Crone setup the new tree in April and the ‘official’ start of the tweeting tree is during the WURtalk at 30 May 2017 ( Follow the tree on twitter @TreeWatchWUR.

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